Margaret Collins Stoop - composer      conductor      flutist

Margaret Collins Stoop is a versatile musician, bringing passion to each aspect of her musical endeavors. 
An award winning composer of choral and chamber works, Meg's music has been performed throughout the United States and Europe.  She is president of the non-profit composers guild, Connecticut Composers, Inc.

New Orchestral Work!
Meg is excited to announce that she has completed composing an orchestral piece called Phoenix Falling. This piece is inspired by the wonderful sculptures by Xu Bing recently installed at St. John the Divine in Manhattan. The sculptures had a lasting impact on her.  For days after viewing them, she kept seeing the ribbons spiraling from the sides of the beautiful phoenixes, giving them a sense of motion, and she heard music spiraling down to accompany this vision. A midi rendition of the 13 and a half minute work can be heard by going to my Audio samples page and clicking on Phoenix Falling!

Comments about "Phoenix Falling":
 “The Phoenix didn’t fall, it only rose. How [Meg] allowed the thematic materials to grow out of themselves and then participate in the successful rising and falling of the music’s intensity more than justifies the length of the piece.” - Allen Brings, composer

“I am certainly impressed. The work demonstrates a good knowledge of the orchestra and an ear for instrumental color.”  -Ronald Perera, composer

New CD release!
On August 12, 2014, Navona Records released 
The CD features the work of six members of Connecticut Composers, Inc., and includes Time Pieces, Meg's five movement suite for solo piano, performed by pianist/composer Allen Brings.

New Piece for winds and strings!
Go to the audio samples page to hear a sound file of Meg's new work, Quartet for Reeds and Strings, for oboe, clarinet, cello and piano.
This five and a half minute piece explores the range of textures and registers available to this unique combination of instruments. The percussive nature of the piano offsets pizzicato from the cello, agile melody lines in the reeds are echoed and interpreted in the piano.

Also new on the audio samples page
is a recording of H. Roz Woll singing Meg's Ask Me No More for mezzo soprano and piano.  The text is by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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