List of Works




All Creatures Now Are Merry Minded  3:00

for SSATB a capella chorus, Setting the words of John Bennet.

Commissioned by the Southern Connecticut Camerata.


Ask Me No More   4:06

for mezzo soprano and piano, setting the poem by Alred Lord Tennyson


Dreams 2:25

for mezzo soprano and piano, setting the poem by Langston Hughes


Domestic Work, 1937 6:10

for mezzo soprano and piano, setting the poem by Natasha Trethewey


Gnosis   7:30

for SATB chorus, vibraphone and marimba, setting the poem of the same name by transcendentalist poet, Christopher Pearse Cranch.

    Recipient of the Masterworks Prize, 2006    


Hestia’s Loom   4:27

for SSAA a cappella  chorus, setting an excerpt from the poem “The Webbing of Women”  by Susan S. Fulljames. 


Hope   6:15

for two sopranos, Native American flute,  silver flute, clarinet, and percussion, setting Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the Thing with Feathers"


maggie and milly and molly and may   2:28

for SA chorus,  flute and piano, setting the poem by  E. E. Cummings          First Prize in the Berkshire Children’s Chorus Composition Competition, 2007 

   Published by Treble Clef Music Press


The Phoenix  3:27

for mezzo-soprano and flute, setting words from the poem The Phoenix Who Survived, by Dean Fraser-Phillips


Prayer for Peace: E Pluribus Unum   4:30

for  SATB a cappella  chorus, setting 47 different words for  'peace’  from fifty-six different languages.

    Honors Distinction in the Waging Peace Through Singing Competition, 2002


Sanctum, Sanctum, Sanctum   5:20

for SSA chorus and piano, setting an excerpt from Kurt Vonnegut’s Requiem, translation into Ecclesiastical Latin by John F. Collins.

    Recipient of the Settie Lehmann Fatman Prize for best composition in small form, 1988


The Shepherd and the Night Sky    4:00

for solo singer, SAB chorus, flute and piano, setting words by the composer.

    Recipient of the Masterworks Prize, 2006

    Recorded for ERM Media by the Kiev Philharmonic, Robert Ian     Winstin  conducting.  Released on Holidays of the New Era CD by ERM Media on Nov. 15, 2006. 


Soft-spoken Power  4:00

for solo Native American flute


Song of Thanksgiving  3:30

for SATB chorus and keyboard, setting psalm 108

       arranged for SATB chorus, two flutes, two French horns, piano and string orchestra for the St. Joseph Choir and the St. Joseph Chamber Orchestra, Astoria, NY 


Teach Me a Blessing  5:36

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, trumpet and piano. 

       Commissioned by the Temple Shearith Israel, Ridgefield, CT

       Sets the words of  Leah Goldberg, in both Hebrew and English.


Time Alone 2:54

for mezzo soprano and piano, setting Meg's own words.


Tree Trilogy

a work in three movements, for adult SSAA chorus, children’s chorus and piano.  

   City Trees     3:00

for SSAA chorus and piano, setting the poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay. 

   The Talking Oak   2:00

a round in three parts for children’s chorus and piano, setting the poem by Mary Carolyn Davies

   I am Tree    3:10

for SA adult chorus, children’s chorus and piano, setting words by the composer 


Unspoken Prayer  10:00

for mezzo-soprano solo, SSA chorus and piano.

Sets the composer's words.



Before and After the End    5:20

for two violins, viola and two cellos

    Finalist in the American Romanian Team for the Arts Young Composers Competition, 1998 


Cakewalk Rondo 1:39

for flute trio or choir in three parts, with graded parts I, II and III 


Circle Jam   5:43

for flute, cedar flute, clarinet, djembes, dun-dun, shakere, claves and  maracas (four players)

Cloud Shadows   7:25

for high D tin whistle, Native American flute, xiao, silver flute, and low D tin whistle

Cybele 5:43

for flute and piano


A Dance for Ilse 2:09

for piano solo

Dancing Owl 5:10

for xiao and string quartet


A Day in Martin Park 2:30

for piano solo


For me and Allen   6:58

for Flute and Piano


Four Steps    1:00

for violin, cello and double bass


Hedels Fanfare    12:00

for brass band and percussion                     

       Commissioned by the “Door Eendracht Sterk” Fanfare Band of Hedel, the  Netherlands    


Ilse's Dance    2:05

for piano solo.

      Commissioned by Suzanne Enser Ryan


Lonesome Flute: Fantasy on a Native American Theme   4:46

for flute solo 

Moody Morning    3:36

for piano solo


Moving Toward Home 6:00

for uilleann pipes, clarinet, bassoon, and cello

A Night Song    5:11

for flute, cello and piano 


Phoenix Falling  13:25

for chamber orchestra


Signe’s Song    4:23

for  flute, oboe and guitar

       Commissioned by George Cork Maul and The Constellation Trio


Quartet for Reeds and Strings  5:28

for oboe, clarinet, cello and piano


Sometimes   1:00

for violin I, violin II, viola, cello, and double bass 


Tantrum 6:00

for solo piano


Time Pieces

five short movements for solo piano

    Times Squared    2:40

     Time Alone   3:25

     Dinnertime    2:06

     Time Warp    3:01

     All in Good Time 1:55


Under a Cobalt Sky 8:40

for clarinet, violin, santoor, and tar

Wind Quartet

for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon

    Recipient of the Settie Lehmann Fatman Prize for best composition in  large form, 1989.

Zephyr 6:30

for xiao, suspended cymbal, and cello

Vocal Arrangements


How Great Thou Art   4:15

an arrangement of the traditional hymn for SATB a cappella  chorus


Water’s Comin’ In   2:10

an arrangment of the original work, words and music by Evelyn Avoglia. 

    Set for  SSA a  cappella  chorus



Welcome is the Season   3:10

an arrangement of the original work, words and music by Claudia Chapman. 

    Set for SSA chorus, flute and piano


What Wondrous Love is This?    3:00

an arrangement of the Southern Harmony hymn, for SSA a cappella


CD Release

On August 12, 2014, Navona Records released 

Spectra: A Concert of Music by Members of Connecticut Composers, Inc.

The CD features the work of six members of Connecticut Composers, Inc., and includes Time Pieces, Meg's five movement suite for solo piano, performed by pianist/composer Allen Brings.